The needs of our clients are as varied as the clients themselves.  In all New York City renovations, the need to maximize space use is universal.  We carve, create and make transformable as much space as possible increasing the value of every square inch.  Here we feature sleeping spaces from a few projects.

The bedroom below opens up to the dressing area beyond easily accessed from either side of the bed.  When family visits, the ceiling height pocket doors hidden in the volume behind the bed, close to make each space private.  With the doors closed, everything they need for the evening is within arms reach in built-in storage carved into the separating wall.

The dressing area below converts to a  guest room when the Murphy bed is lowered.  

A hanging side table is part of the custom, built-in headboard in the bedroom below.  By floating the storage units, the small space seems larger.

The office below converts to a guest room.  With the Murphy bed the same width as the room, a niche carved into the back wall takes on the function of a side table giving guests a place to set a glass.  A retractable skylight opening up to the loft ceiling above, allows light and air into the guest space while the doors are closed.  During the day, when the bed is up, a sofa and coffee table untuck for a lounge/ office space without having to move any furniture.

Upper East Side Townhouse Roof Deck Transformation

We're looking forward to completing the revitalization of this deck once all the plantings and furniture are in.  Wood grained porcelain pavers allow us to meet NYC building rules restricting wood decking while a continuous ipe wall; including integrated planters, bench and sun shade add warmth nestled within the urban roof scape.






Much has been said about the architecture of the new Whitney Museum in the Meatpacking district designed by Renzo Piano.  We were most inspired by the small moments; the encounters with the art, the scale of the galleries, the urban intervention.

ICFF 2014 Favorites

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair provides us with a great opportunity to browse, touch and sit in a wide variety of furniture and fittings.  Here are a selection of our favorites (click through to the website).  See all our favorites visit our Pinterest page:


Stryker Park

We have been helping the Friends of Stryker Park organization to build community support by visualizing how a bleak 50 foot-wide concrete sidewalk extending between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues along 97th Street might be transformed into an active urban park space. 

northeast corner of 97th st & amsterdam ave

northeast corner of 97th st & amsterdam ave

northwest corner of 97th st & columbus ave

northwest corner of 97th st & columbus ave

existing parking lot adjacent to PS 163

existing parking lot adjacent to PS 163

Suspend 1.0 - Headboard + Side Table

Suspend 1.0 Headboard is a customizable headboard and side table furniture system consisting of five floating elements:  one fixed headboard, two floating cushions and two side tables.

The solid wood headboard, can be mounted to any typical wall. The headboard cushions and the side tables are designed to slide from side to side once hung on the headboard to provide maximum flexibility. The side table can be designed with a removable table top which can be used as a surface for your coffee or laptop while sitting up in bed. 


three components

cushions and tables hook onto headboard

exploded side table

Degree - Battery Park Chair Competition

Lightness, versatility, beauty and simplicity.  The concept of the Degree Chair emerged as a thoughtful calibration between these four notions of modern life.   Can a chair mediate between the different modes of use, speeds of travel and durations of stays while at the same time engage its user, the passerby, the tourist or the local Wallstreeter at different scales of interaction?  Can this chair also address a modern concept of lightness both in function as well as in its materiality and therefore impact on the environment? 

The Degree Chair consists of four 18”x20” panels of woven carbon fiber sheets impregnated in color-dyed resin.  Each panel or ply of this composite material is 3/8” thick achieving both aesthetic and material lightness and strength.  The sheets are linked together with a piano-type hinge that locks into place at four different degree angles  (0, 25, 30 and 115)  creating three configurations:  the sit-mat, the lounge chair, and the stool/pouf/side table.   The base is weighted with a steel plate, which both grounds the chair and lowers its center of gravity.  At approximately 7lbs; it is light enough to be carried short distances with it’s built-in handle but heavy enough to maintain its stance in light to moderate winds.  With a severe forecast on the horizon, the Degree Chairs can be quickly and easily collapsed, gathered, stacked and stored with minimal effort and in minimal space.  Two hundred chairs can be stored in under 63 cubic feet.

Finally, the Degree chair is beautiful and engages everyone from all stretches of the planet.  Nine colors represent the whole world divided in nine area by degrees of longitude.  Whether you're visiting Battery Park from Brooklyn or Vietnam, you'll be able to find a chair that represents your country (should you choose to do so key maps placed strategically around the park decode the colors).