Degree - Battery Park Chair Competition

Lightness, versatility, beauty and simplicity.  The concept of the Degree Chair emerged as a thoughtful calibration between these four notions of modern life.   Can a chair mediate between the different modes of use, speeds of travel and durations of stays while at the same time engage its user, the passerby, the tourist or the local Wallstreeter at different scales of interaction?  Can this chair also address a modern concept of lightness both in function as well as in its materiality and therefore impact on the environment? 

The Degree Chair consists of four 18”x20” panels of woven carbon fiber sheets impregnated in color-dyed resin.  Each panel or ply of this composite material is 3/8” thick achieving both aesthetic and material lightness and strength.  The sheets are linked together with a piano-type hinge that locks into place at four different degree angles  (0, 25, 30 and 115)  creating three configurations:  the sit-mat, the lounge chair, and the stool/pouf/side table.   The base is weighted with a steel plate, which both grounds the chair and lowers its center of gravity.  At approximately 7lbs; it is light enough to be carried short distances with it’s built-in handle but heavy enough to maintain its stance in light to moderate winds.  With a severe forecast on the horizon, the Degree Chairs can be quickly and easily collapsed, gathered, stacked and stored with minimal effort and in minimal space.  Two hundred chairs can be stored in under 63 cubic feet.

Finally, the Degree chair is beautiful and engages everyone from all stretches of the planet.  Nine colors represent the whole world divided in nine area by degrees of longitude.  Whether you're visiting Battery Park from Brooklyn or Vietnam, you'll be able to find a chair that represents your country (should you choose to do so key maps placed strategically around the park decode the colors).